Thursday, May 14, 2009

HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA touring US in July, need help with dates!

HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA are touring the US this summer, and have a couple of dates that they are having difficulty finding venues/contacts for. If anyone in one of the following cities is interested in working with HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA on a show or has info on local venues/promoters that you can pass along to them, please contact HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA at

july 2nd - eugene or tacoma (w/mammal)

july 5th - boise

july 9th - lincoln, ne

july 10th - minneapolis

july 11th- milwaukee

july 13th - detroit or columbus

july 14th - detroit or columbus

july 18th - boston or connecticut

july 22nd - d.c.

july 27th - louisville