Thursday, May 14, 2009

HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA Politics reviewed by Julian Cope

Julian Cope over at HEAD HERITAGE remarked on the new HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA album "The Politics Of The Irredeemable" that we just released:

"That I’ve been meditating to the inhuman sounds of THE POLITICS OF THE IRREDEEMABLE by the Human Quena Orchestra probably says more about the current workings of my mind than any useful comment about the music of the band itself. However, if you also find your sleep suffering from 100,000 thoughts downloading every moment, please try this exquisitely epic (and obliterating) sonic journey through landscapes of burnt out Black Metal, and onwards trudgefully past a Burke Shelley rehearsal and fallen statues of the Doom God Dubin, through a Wodenist environment wherein tortured vocalists serenade crows and tree-impaled musicians set off Nadja samples to long-rotting corpses. It’s not for Casuals maybe. But I’ve always been a sucker for a Hieronymus Bosch pic, and this new album on the excellent Crucial Blast Records ( is a sonic Dead Ringer for that Dutch painter dude. Besides, any ensemble this Cunted that manages/needs to quote R.D. Laing, Jared Diam ond AND the Iron Cross-wearing Dakota Sioux chief Big Soldier has gotta be worth paying attention to. Damn."