Monday, March 2, 2009


In an otherwise royally cruddy week, one bright spot that found it's way to our attention was a pair of short but glowing reviews that two of our most recent Crucial Bliss titles received at the hands of the Arch-drude himself, Julian Cope. On the February '09 update for his excellent Head Heritage website, Julian reviewed both the Aun "Multigone" and Sorch'enn "Faro" discs that were issued late last year through Crucial Bliss. Check 'em out:
"These past two months, my personal choice for all night repetition, ie: the piece that helps me most easily access the Underworld, has been the Uber-haunting 22-minute track ‘Dødsdansen (Death’s Dance), Life of an Island Lad’, from the FARO album by Sorc’henn. Released on that tremendous Crucial Blast subsidiary Crucial Bliss (, FARO is a fine fine Black Metal record and, except for the more obvious and more stylized final 26-minute ‘evil’ track ‘Enez Varv Faaro’, goes about its sinister business secretly, intoning plainsong in cloisters, invoking camp-fires, digital distortion and wolves, and dancing at the edge of total ambience, nay, ambulence! Then, two minutes from the end, some old French torch song comes in and really sealeth ye atmosphere. Su-fuckin’-perbe!"
"I’ve also found Aun’s cataclysmic MULTIGONE album highly useful these past two months, its vast showers of electronics blasting, nay, brutalizing listeners with a racket somewhat akin to the music of Fall of the Grey Winged One (AEONS OF DREAMS), Kabalist (‘Shaman 262’ from VERMICHTE DIE GÖTTER) or some of the more apocalyptic Israeli noise music (Pootchlatz, Barbara). However, I believe that those of you who choose to seek sanctuary within the chaos of the 15-minute burn-up of the synthetic brass-laden ‘Steel Skull Plain’, will gain considerable meditative comfort. Sitting fogbound under its 35,000 feet of Zero Visibility is just the kind of O.D. it’s difficult not to succumb to in these dark Winter days. Again, the motherfuckers at Crucial Bliss ( have scored big-time with this truly epic release. "
All thanks to the Arch-drude.