Monday, March 2, 2009

CRUCIAL BLAST WEBSTORE New Arrivals For February 27th, 2009

This week's featured release is the debut full length from Serpentcult, a Belgian band that formed out of the ashes of Thee Plague Of Gentlemen and which features the powerful vocals of one Michelle Nocon, whose utterly metal delivery makes this debut full length one of the most intense doom albums that has come in to C-Blast lately, to speak nothing of the INSANELY HEAVY riffage that this album delivers! Fans of crushing evil uber-doom, you need to hear this! Just released through the UK label Rise Above, Serpentcult's Weight Of Light is available on both CD and an extremely limited vinyl edition.

Other new stuff in this week: a limited edition cassette from Animal Steel, the power electronics/death ambient side project of one of the members of notorious PE instigators Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, and Akimbo's latest concept album about the infamous shark attacks off of the Jersey Shore in 1916, with their heaviest music yet. We have an album from the shredding avant-garde Italian black metal of Absentian Lunae that smokes, and the new disc of trippy cosmic funeral doom from the Russian band Abstract Spirit that fans of spacey keyboard ambience n' ultraheavy deathdoom will definitely dig. Also have a bunch of older MeteorCity stoner rock titles that we are carrying for the first time, including Blind Dog's excellent Captain Dog Rides Again, a heavy duty slab of Swedish stoner metal with shades of prog rock, pop and death n' roll, a Nebula/Lowrider split, and a couple of albums from the Swedish stoner metal powerhouse The Mushroom River Band, which features Spice from Spiritual Beggars on vocals! In addition to all of these older discs, we also have the newest MeteorCity album in stock this week, the self-titled debut from the Sleep-worshipping, psychedelic doom metallers Elder.

We have the recently reissue of the seminal debut full length from Boston's Cable, Variable Speed Drive, which came out on Translation Loss not too long ago, and its an important chapter in the development of metallic hardcore and math-rock influenced metal from the mid-90's, now remastered and with bonus material. Also have some very cool new and recently-released vinyl from Hydra Head, including the deluxe 2x12" gatefold edition of Cloud's We Are Above You, the new Kayo Dot on LP, and the new Helms Alee limited edition 7". Also new in stock is the deluxe digibook edition of Cynic's mindblowing new death/prog/fusion/pop masterpiece Traced In Air, a couple of crushing death-industrial releases from Annihilvs, the bizarre mystical dark-prog mayhem of Kalutaliksuak, the limited edition Risk Of Gravitation CDR and LP from La Otracina (with their weird, raging blend of old school heavy metal and crazed psych/prog), a new 7" of blackened industrial necro-filth from Lodge Of The Ancient Order, a brand new three-way split CD album featuring Maegashira, Sowbelley and OSSM all spewing forth some noxious, crushing sludgecore, and Malamute's rad debut album of complex, energetic circus-prog-core on Acerbic Noise.

The newest RRRecords release is here, a full length solo LP from Dave Phillips from Fear Of God/Schimpfluch-Gruppe with two lengthy tracks of menacing, abstract drones, grisly vocal experiments and heavy orchestral collage. Also have an awesome split CD of bizarre electro-gore insanity from S.M.E.S. and Purulent Wormjizz (the latter of which reminds me of a cross between Agoraphobic Nosebleed and 808 State!), and a massive double album 2xCD from the Japanese free-psych-noise-drone group Tetragrammaton that fans of Borbetomagus, Fushitsusha, Skullflower and other noisy, loud free-improv groups will want to check out.And new albums from doom legend Wino, Aussie doom-outsiders The Wizar'd, a compilation of extreme industrial doom/noise hybrids from Japan and Israel, synth-heavy ambient black metal from Zargof, the new Wolves In The Throne Room 12", and lots more!

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