Sunday, October 24, 2010


The next new shirt design that we will be offering from Crucial Blast will be an exclusive new shirt that features the visage of my current favorite architect of HNW, France's Vomir. The Renonce disc that we just issued through our Crucial Blaze line is just the latest in an ongoing campaign of aural devastation that Vomir has been immersed in for the past couple of years, and in my opinion, his work continues to rank as some of the finest (and purist) harsh noise out there right now. Personally, I've been obsessed with Vomir's output going back to the Proanomie disc that came out on At War With False Noise a few years ago, and have been trying my best to collect everything that he's released (much to the befuddlement of those associates of mine that don't "get" HNW). I never stood a chance at picking up any of the rare shirt designs that have been released for Vomir in the past, however, so we made the move to work on a brand new piece with Vomir to make available through Crucial Blast; the result is the Renonce shirt, featuring a front and back print in dark grey ink on a black Gildan 100% shirt, the front featuring an image of Vomir himself, bagged and isolated, with the "Renonce" text across it, and the back has the text "Vomir - HNW" printed along the top shoulder position of the shirt. The shirts are being professionally screenprinted, and the design is going to be limited to 70 of these shirts and that's it, in sizes small through XXL. We'll have this in stock soon here at C-Blast and will post the ordering information for anyone interested in this design as soon as we have them in hand.