Friday, July 30, 2010


A new signing...Crucial Blast has joined up with the Boston avant-black/death/doom band Ehnahre to present their new full length Taming The Cannibals in October 2010. After being directed to check them out back when their first full length The Man Closing Up appeared around a year and a half ago, I was instantly dazed by their jarring, alien approach to bestial slow-motion death metal that draws heavily from the twelve-tone serialism of composer Arnold Schoenberg. Even after years of listening to the most dissonant strains of death metal (Gorguts, Demilich, Immolation, Portal, etc.), Ehnahre (which includes several former members of the prog/gothic art-rock band Kayo Dot) stunned me with their extreme chaotic dissonance and pitch-black, chthonic textures, a combination of atonal 20th century classical music and vicious blackened death laced with squalls of free-jazz horns, stretches of intense choral ambience, and blasts of calcifying glacial doom. It's some of the most difficult death metal I've heard since Obscura, but manages to balance the extreme atonality and relentlessly unpredictable nature of their arrangements with the perfect amount of aggression and crushing riffage.
Taming The Cannibals will be available direct from Crucial Blast in early October, and the band will be supporting the release with a two and a half week tour of the East Coast and Midwest in October which will include a ten-date run with Idaho blackened droneologists Pussygutt (20 Buck Spin). The album will be available in stores and online extreme music retailers on cd and digital download on November 9th, 2010.